Employee Benefits

Hyvee Connect is where Hyvee Huddle Company workers who use the Hyvee Huddle can log in. Hy-Vee Connect is a website made just for the company’s workers. This lets them see all the information about their work and other pay. A daily work report for the hotel helps you know how your time at the company is going.

HyVee Huddle

Hy-Vee Connect is a website that was made just for employees of the company. This lets them see all the information about their work and other salary. The daily work report at the hotel is also kept up to date so you can keep track of your business stay.

Benefits for Hy-Vee Connect Employees

There are many good things for employees in the community, like a chance to advance in your job and make a lot of money. In addition to its many useful Hyvee Huddle features, Hy-Vee is a great place to work for the operator.

Hyvee and Member Tax Savings Plan: These plans help you save money before taxes to pay for long-term care and sickness. The worker is eligible for benefits for his family. The company covers up to 75% of the cost of insurance.

Savings bonds and certificates: The employee who lives in the state can buy unsecured interest-bearing bonds from the company, while the employee who works out of state can get savings bonds from Midwest Heritage Bank.

Wellness Program: Offers health and wellness knowledge and prices to encourage people to live a healthy life.

Holidays: As an employee, you can get paid holidays as you age and work for the company for many years.

Service Recognition: The company looks at workers over a long period and gives them gifts when they reach certain service milestones.

Profit-Sharing Trust and 401K Plan: The plan helps people plan for their retirement and brings in tax money.